Dent and Scratch Repairs Home Remedies

Published: 02nd June 2010
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Cars become so much a part of our life and families that any hurts on them hurts us. If we are good to them, they will be good to us but sometimes even minor dent and scratch repairs are very expensive. They are annoying but have become a part of every car family. Dents hurt and so does the expense that goes into repairing them. How many of you have reversed very slowly into that space in the car park only to hit a pole indicating that you have no idea how far back your car goes?

Before calling mobile dent repairs, try browsing the internet. It opens up pages of tried and tested home repair techniques used by frugal and smart people. It doesn't require special skills for repairing dents. It is what body shops use and don't want you to know. The most common dent repair technique is the paintless dent repair using dry ice. Applying it on and around the dent causes the metal to contract. As the metal contracts, the dent is pulled out. And it works best on a warm day. It's known to have never caused any damage to any car. It seems like magic but it does work.

But even more prevalent forms of car damage are those nasty scratches that appear from nowhere. For minor scratches, this is known to work  apply a polishing compound with the mildest abrasive to a damp sponge. Use a circular motion and buff the area until the scratches have gone. Wash the area completely with your usual wash and wax cleaner. Apply wax (liquid wax works best) to a sponge and buff the area, again in a circular motion. Buff the wax away by using a soft towel. The minor scratches should be history.

There are so many other ways found on the net for dent and scratch repair but require moolah. Often when you call the mobile dent repairs company, they cost you an arm and a leg, the dent doesn't disappear completely and the company gets more business with the neighbours watching your car being repaired at home.

Dent and scratch repairs without a trace is an artist's job. Ace Car Repairs is one such company which promises to remove those dents and scratches without a trace. They even have a mobile dent repairs workshop where they provide satisfactory job at a fraction of bodyshop costs.

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Ace finish offers mobile dent repair, dent and scratch repair services and Alloy Wheels Repairs in cambridge , peterborough , huntingdon, st. Ives, st. Neots.

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